Summit Inn Pool Construction

Summit Inn Outdoor Pool Construction UPDATE

Summit Inn Outdoor Pool Construction *UPDATE*

It took a lot of time to get the old pool out of the ground because it had to be cut with torches by hand. The steel was about 3/8″ thick and had “I” beams every ten feet! It was quite a process! We then filled and compacted the ground. The new pool was cut and then formed with concrete. We had to wait for the perfect weather to put the finish on the interior of the pool. Just a few drops of rain could have ruined it. We are now working on the the hot tub, fencing, and the pump room. We have everything lined up to break ground on the pool house and restrooms in the next few weeks. We are working as quickly as we can to open the pool but want to make sure everything is perfect when we welcome our guests to use it. Check back for more updates soon!

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  1. Nick
    Nick says:

    seriously?! my parents are coming this weekend for their 30th wedding anniversary! I sold them with a picture of this pool! that’s a huge letdown

    • Amanda Leskinen
      Amanda Leskinen says:

      We apologize for any inconvenience the construction has caused. We have been working as quickly as possible to open the pool for our guests. It is quite a large construction project and progress has been limited by the weather. We do have a large heated indoor pool and plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy the sun.

    • terri
      terri says:

      Nick, as one who has stayed at the Summit many times, I doubt your parents will be disappointed by no outdoor pool, especially at this time of year. It is truly a lovely place with far more interesting areas than poolside. I know they will enjoy the sunsets on the veranda, an evening fireside drink, delicious (and plentiful!) breakfasts at Mae’s and that’s without ever leaving the inn. The area is an abundance of things to do in this nice fall weather. Rest assured, they’ll have a memorable weekend. And congrats to them!

  2. Richey Eberman
    Richey Eberman says:

    I am planning an overnight trip to celebrate our 65th wedding anniversary. Please send room rates and accomadation information.

  3. Janice & David Ernst
    Janice & David Ernst says:

    Hi! Would love info on the opening weekend for 2014 please. We spent 2013 opening with you last year and had a wonderful time. The food, view, massage and staff were excellent!!!

    Please send room rates and accomadation information soon or call me at 412-901-5130!!


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