Summit Inn Treehouse

New Treehouse Masters Treehouse at the Summit Inn

We are excited to announce the addition of a new ‘Treehouse Masters’ treehouse to the Historic Summit Inn Resort property. The Treehouse Bungalow was designed and built by world renowned treehouse architect Pete Nelson and his team. The house in the trees features a forty-five foot bridge which leads to the front door of a cozy interior with a wrap around deck. The episode of Treehouse Masters featuring the Historic Summit Inn will air early in January of 2014. This new addition to the property will be open for tours in the Spring of 2014. Call 724-438-8594 for details!

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  1. Michelle Strauss
    Michelle Strauss says:

    I love the show and I love tree houses even more ! Dining in your tree house sounds like a good time to me 😀 I would love to try it .

  2. Tracy Peterson
    Tracy Peterson says:

    My 14yo son is obsessed with Treehouse Masters. We would love an opportunity to come and check out the treehouse!

  3. Tom and Kel
    Tom and Kel says:

    My wife and I got engaged on the overlook on the Fern Cliff Trail and spent that weekend at the beautiful Summit Inn and can’t wait to dine in the new treehouse!

  4. Tom and Kel
    Tom and Kel says:

    My wife and I got engaged on the overlook on the Fern Cliff Trail and spent that weekend at the beautiful Summit Inn. We can’t wait to dine in the new treehouse for our anniversary.

  5. John Wright
    John Wright says:

    Watched the show tonight 17 Jan 14, by Pete Nelson; “The Tree House Man.” It was Great!! You could tell the family really Loved it, and the Bear Cam was really cool!


  6. Suzy Hager
    Suzy Hager says:

    I grew up in Farmington, Pa. I’ve lived in Oregon the last 40 years so it was so fun to be watching Treehouse Masters on tv and see Farmington, PA featured. I’ll be visiting this year so hope to see this in person.

  7. Mihai Maria
    Mihai Maria says:

    It’s so cool… I’m watching with my mom the Treehouse right now (1/18) and I was so impressed by the surrounding views that I went to the Summit Inn’s website. I will definitely visit for 2-3 days on my next vacation.

  8. Danielle Gracie
    Danielle Gracie says:

    We watched your episode of Tree Masters tonight! It is one of our favorite shows! Awesome tree house! Hoping to come visit this summer. Your property is beautiful and lots of great places to visit!

    Your Northern Neighbors in WNY-
    Matt & Danielle

  9. Marc Senus
    Marc Senus says:

    I love the tree house show and the nature that goes along with it .. The tree house that u had built is awesome and I’m sure ur past relatives would be very proud of the decision that u guys have done with the addition to the property . In addition , I was wondering if it would be possible if u Christy , would company with a friendly lunch or dinner in the new wonderful tree house some time !! And yes the bears can join us if they like !!! Haha !!! Hope to hear from u soon , Marc ….

  10. Rob Rearic
    Rob Rearic says:

    I watch every episode of Treehouse Masters and when I saw they built one so close to where I live(Apollo, PA), I just have to come and see it. The Inn looks wonderful and if Kristie’s personality rubs off on the rest of the staff, it will be a great visit. Do you by chance have a singles weekend? I’ll be in touch to schedule my visit.

  11. Deborah Griffiths
    Deborah Griffiths says:

    I watched this episode of Treehouse Masters and can’t wait to visit it. The Summit is near where I grew up and we had family reunions there. My grandson, who is 9, is very into Treehouse Masters and asked for and got Pete Nelson’s books for Christmas. I told him about this episode and that the Summit is close to where we live. He is excited to visit Grandma so we can go visit the Summit and the new treehouse. What a great addition to a beautiful and historic place.

  12. Dawn Thomson
    Dawn Thomson says:

    Just watched the episode of Treehouse Masters that featured your new tree house and it prompted me to check out your website. I haven’t been to PA since I was a child and told my husband that is somewhere we should go. Your property is truly beautiful!

  13. Shane
    Shane says:

    I’m anxious to visit this year and check out the new tree house.My son and I are planning to build one this year after seeing yours.. 🙂 Very nice!

  14. Rita
    Rita says:

    I just watched the Treehouse Masters episode regarding the “Black Bear Bungalow”. My husband and I are excited to visit in the Spring and have dinner in this new addition. It looks BEAUTIFUL!!! We loved Summit Inn when we stayed there two years ago and we will definitely be coming back this year.

  15. Ryan Kreoger
    Ryan Kreoger says:

    Just saw the episode of Treehouse Masters featuring your Inn and would love to come stay for a few days as my wife and I never got to have our honeymoon! Hope to see you soon.

  16. Marilyn Rollin
    Marilyn Rollin says:

    I saw the Pete Nelson and his crew build your treehouse on their tv show. I loved it. I spent many hours in a treehouse with my twin sister and brother as young children. I hope to treat my twin sister to a week at your resort. I am not going to tell her about the treehouse. It will be a surprise. Hope to be able to share a glass of wine with her in the treehouse on our visit. Thank you. Marilyn Rollin from Big Sky Country – Montana

    • Amanda Leskinen
      Amanda Leskinen says:

      We are working on the Treehouse menus for spring. Check in on our facebook page to see updates and specials! Call 724-438-8594 for more details!

  17. Linda Libby
    Linda Libby says:

    I just saw the episode of your really nice tree house. I love the show and watch it all the time. Your family seemed like a very happy and caring group of people. What a beautiful opportunity to place this on your property. I think your daughters will carry on the property in the future and create an updated beautiful complex as a whole. Hope to visit someday. Pete is a really down to earth, funny guy and I love his show and his crew are very dedicated to what they do.
    Thank You for letting the public view your great treehouse. I would love to stay in a tree house someday.
    Best wishes, Linda

  18. Donna Reinhart January 22,2014
    Donna Reinhart January 22,2014 says:

    Just watch the tv show about the building of your amazing tree house. Would love to come for a visit this
    Spring. Good luck with your new venue.

  19. Connie
    Connie says:

    I love the Treehouse Masters show! I grew up in Fayette County and one of my class reunions(Laurel Highlands) and my senior prom was held at your Inn. I was so excited to see your place on the show. This area is so beautiful and the treehouse turned out awesome!!!! I don’t get back home very often so seeing the Inn on TV brought back some wonderful memories.

  20. Roy & Julia DeHart
    Roy & Julia DeHart says:

    Had dinner at The Summit Inn in Nov 2012 while staying at a nearby resort with a group of RAMs. Saw the Treehouse program which documented the building of the addition to The Summit property. Would love to return to have dinner taking in the lovely view from the treehouse.

  21. Harold Etter
    Harold Etter says:

    Saw the Tree House show and the wife said we gotta go see and check this out. Both are retired and travel on our GoldWing Trike to places and this a bucket list place for 2014. Please send me info when it opens so we can make plans to come and see this we saw one other tree house was great we are from Chambersburg, Pa and have been to Flight 93 every year since 2002.

    Thank You
    Harold & Dottie

  22. Juliann Doss
    Juliann Doss says:

    Watching the Treehouse Masters episode now. The Summit Inn looks beautiful and the tree house is awesome. My mind is spinning with plans for a visit. Can’t wait to head to western PA!

  23. John
    John says:

    (from CA) I just watched the Treehouse Masters. What fun! Is the tree house visible from Google Satellite? I’m guessing it’s new enough may be some years before it becomes visible with new satellite photos. Send us it’s coordinates so we can keep watch, and let us know when we can zoom in for a view when it shows up in Google Satellite! Hey, hey!

  24. Donna
    Donna says:

    My son is getting married in June and would love to stay in yor tree house. We have been coming to the summit for over 25 years and have always loved every stay! How do you get a nights stay in the tree house?

    • Amanda Leskinen
      Amanda Leskinen says:

      Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! We truly appreciate you continued business and we would love to take you and your family on a tour when you arrive! Unfortunately, The treehouse was not built for overnight accommodations as there is no electric or plumbing.

  25. Megan Ohler
    Megan Ohler says:

    We will be coming the first weekend in May and are SO excited to see the Treehouse! One of our favorite shows 🙂 We are keeping our fingers crossed that we can dine inside.

  26. Tania
    Tania says:

    Have just watched this episode in New Zealand, Easter Sunday,amazing. Am looking forward to a visit to the U.S. this year and coming your way for a visit. What a beautiful property you have, hoping to see you later in the year!

  27. Gary Bero
    Gary Bero says:

    Refreshing to drive up the summit mountain and see the new inground pool and now the Treehouse. Congrats on keeping the mountain fresh and exciting once again. Thanks!

  28. Mike Masciandaro
    Mike Masciandaro says:

    My wife Sue and I were celebrating our 25th anniversary and just got back from a great weekend. The Summit was a great place to stay and the tree house was a highlight.


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